Orlando 1500 x 1020mm Right Hand OR LEFT HAND Corner Bath With 12 Jet Pneumatic Control Whirlpool System Including Mini Back & Foot Jets

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    The Trojan Orlando Offset Corner Bath is THE best selling corner bath in the UK. Ideal for Compact Bathrooms, the Orlando is spacious and features a sleek shape and modern design. Manufactured with 5mm thick acrylic and fiberglass, with an encapsulated baseboard adding extra strength with the dedicated panel to match! 

    Our ECO Whirlpool System :

    Our ECO whirlpool system has been designed to give you a high quality whirlpool system at the best possible cost. We only use high quality European manufactured parts, and all our ECO baths are built to order and dispatched from South Wales. We have undergone years of testing on all possible combinations of parts to give you the best bang-for-buck available on any whirlpool system in the UK. What's more, we won't limit you to 'Off The Shelf' whirlpool systems - we believe you should get the system that is right for you, so our ECO range is fully customisable!


    This 12 jet bath includes 3 large massage jets with directional eyeballs to massage the torso & legs on each side of the bath, as well as 4 mini back jets to massage the neck, shoulders and back and 2 mini foot jets to massage your feet for a total of 12 whirlpool jets.


    The bath comes fully assembled and is fully self contained - plumbing in one of our baths is exactly the same as and other bath, with the exception of the electricity supply for the pumps. 


    *6 Large side jets with directional eyeballs

    *4 small, low profile back jets with mini directional eyeballs

    *2 small, low profile foot jets with mini directional eyeballs

    *Air flow (turbulence) controller with integrated On / Off Switch

    *Divertor to select back jets only, main jets only or both together

    *Safety suction, with chrome cover

    *Dry-run safe pump (pump will not fail if accidentally operated without water)


    We assemble the whirlpool systems to all our baths in our custom built facility in South Wales, UK. All our whirlpool systems feature a number of useful features:


    *Self drain smooth bore pipe work as standard

    *Highly efficient 1.10HP 0.8kW Pump for powerful yet quiet operation

    *Integrated pneumatic whirlpool On/Off & turbulence control

    *Minimum suction run of 750mm, meaning that hair or jewellery cannot get entangled in the pump

    *Chrome plated jets, controls and suction cover to match your own chrome taps & wastes