Whirlpool Spa Baths

A complete range of customisable Whirlpool / Spa baths to suit all budgets and requirements.

Our Beaufort and the reinforced Beauforte Whirlpool Spa Baths are the thickest baths we do.  Their precise mould calibration delivers an impossibly silky finish and is arguably the best in the market.  This range follows the finest traditions of British craftmanship and technical innovation. Using 5mm Asterite sanitaryware grade cell cast acrylic sheet we are incredibly proud to offer this range.  

The Beaufort range has single ended, double ended, corner and shower baths.  A wide choice of sizes included some unusual sizes such as the 1650 x 700mm single ended bath and our largest 1900 x 900mm single ended and double ended baths to list just a few.

Our Trojan Whirlpool Spa Baths are our longest serving range of baths.  We have been working with these products for over 15 years. Trojan are one of the largest suppliers of acrylic baths in the UK.  Their 5mm and the reinforced TrojanCast are very a very popular and affordable choice. A great range of styles and sizes from single ended, double ended, corner and shower baths.

Trojan offer our smallest bath, the 1200 x 700mm single ended bath and they feature our latest bath, the Amare 1800  x 1200mm with every size in-between.

Each of our baths generally come with our most popular  8 Jet or 12 jet water based whirlpool system, a 12 jet air spa only system or a 24 jet water and air spa system. If you want more jets, no problem.  Its your whirlpool spa bath your way.