Solarna 1800 x 800mm 24 Jet Spa / Whirlpool Bath

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  • About this product

    Solarna is a high quality, 1800 x 800mm bath with an encapsulated baseboard for extra strength and a more rigid bath.

    • 6 Large side jets with directional eyeballs
    • 4 small, low profile back jets with mini directional eyeballs
    • 2 small, low profile foot jets with mini directional eyeballs
    • Air flow (turbulence) controller with integrated On / Off Switch for whirlpool
    • Divertor to select back jets only, main jets only or both together
    • Safety suction, with chrome cover
    • 12 chrome plated, low profile brass air spa jets
    • Pneumatic Chrome On / Off button for air spa
    • Single speed 400-500W Air Blower

    We assemble the whirlpool systems to all our baths in our custom built facility in South Wales, UK. All our whirlpool systems feature a number of useful features:

    • Self drain smooth bore pipe work as standard
    • Highly efficient 1.10HP 0.8kW Pump for powerful yet quiet operation
    • Integrated pneumatic whirlpool On/Off & turbulence control
    • Minimum suction run of 750mm, meaning that hair or jewellery cannot get entangled in the pump
    • Chrome plated jets, controls and suction cover to match your own chrome taps & wastes