Starter Pack - 60 Sanitising Tablets And 1L Of Cleaner & Degreaser

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    Whirlpool / Spa Sanitiser tablets.

    For regular sanitising treatment  of your Whirlpool or Spa bath. For a fresher more hygienic system. Use after each use of the bath or before bathing if you have not used the system for sometime.

    For use in Whirlpool & Spa baths

    Quick & effective sanitisation

    Easy to use

    No need to rinse

    30 tablets in each pack, 60 tablets in total.

    Simply after each use of the bath and before emptying, put one tablet into the existing bath water. Run the Whirlpool system 2-5 minutes. Switch off the system and drain as normal.


    Whirlpool Cleaner for inside the unseen pipework

    Up to 4 applications per bottle

    Can be used at stronger dilutions for a deep clean

    Acid Free & Non Hazardous

    Removes soap scum,  grime, body oils & skin cells

    Septic Tank Friendly

    Safe to use on Chrome, Brass, Gold Plated, Stainless Steel, Ceramics, Tiles, PVC & Plastics.

    Fully Biodegradable, User Friendly

    Tried and tested