Are whirlpool baths unhygienic?

Are whirlpool baths unhygienic?

Whirlpool baths themselves are not inherently unhygienic. However, improper maintenance or inadequate cleaning can lead to hygiene issues. It's essential to properly clean and disinfect whirlpool baths regularly to ensure they remain sanitary and free from bacteria or other contaminants.  We recommended using the following sterilising tablets and degreasing fluid.  For convivence and savings we have created this starter pack

To maintain hygiene in a whirlpool bath, it's recommended to follow these practices:

Regular cleaning: Clean the bath after each use. This typically involves draining the water, rinsing the tub, and using an appropriate cleaning solution to sanitize the surfaces.

Deep cleaning: Perform periodic deep cleaning to remove any buildup or residue within the jet system. This may involve using specific cleaning products mentioned above through the jets to remove any trapped debris or bacteria.

Personal hygiene: If you are a rental, holiday let or hotel, encourage bathers to maintain good personal hygiene, such as showering before entering the whirlpool bath, to minimize the introduction of dirt, oils, or other substances into the water.

By following these hygiene practices and regularly maintaining the whirlpool bath, you can help ensure a clean and sanitary bathing experience.